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Russian lips New York, Russian lip technique NYC

Each case is different based on the original lip shape and form, and the product will be chosen based on the desired look during initial free consultation. All of the filler that we offer are certified and FDA-approved, with hyaluronic acid as the main component. Injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) is a kind of non-permanent (temporary) dermal filler.

Lip injections in New York, Lip enhancement  in NYC

RN RN uses modern lip augmentation procedures to ensure natural results in minimal time. In under 30 minutes, lips become thick and voluminous even months after the procedure (though it is recommended to come back every 6 months to maintain shape). Olga uses most modern techniques to get the desired look without pain or lumps. Whether from age or dissatisfaction, her injection technique with HA filler is used to create the best pout fitting each patient’s individual needs. Techniques include: defining the cupids bow, correcting asymmetric lips, turning corners, correcting dryness (this makes lip products easier to apply), and evening top and bottom lips. She creates natural looking results that truly enhance the face.

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